Building Resilient Portfolios

We believe that the successful management of a client’s portfolio:

  • Incorporates risk management and downside protection
  • Leverages superior manager selection and relationships
  • Embeds an active management approach with a forward-looking global view
  • Diversifies portfolios by strategy, geography, asset class, liquidity and manager

Consistent adherence to these four fundamental principles has generated strong risk-adjusted performance while providing our clients with a high level of transparency and liquidity.

The Pillars of Portfolio Construction

Active Global Asset Allocation
We manage portfolios actively with a constant forward looking regard to markets, return opportunities and risk. We invest across multiple asset classes, strategies, and geographies.

Superior Manager Selection
We derive our focused manager universe from an intensive, rigorous due diligence and monitoring process that continuously assesses a manager’s ability to perform and manage risk.

Risk Management
We diversify portfolios by balancing our allocations across geography, sectors, themes and investment approach in order to grow portfolios while protecting capital. Careful consideration is given to the liquidity of each fund and its risk contribution to the total portfolio.

Our background and experience enables us to make meaningful investments at the appropriate time to the right strategy and manager.